Central Mass Locavore and Organics

We are a “farm to door” home delivery service focusing on delivering sustainability grown, local and/or organic foods. Our mission: to make it easy, convenient and affordable for Central Mass to eat nutrient dense food, one delivery at a time.

Central Mass Locavore (CML) mostly works with local farmers and artisans within a 100 mile radius of Westminster MA. You will taste a difference in our local and/or organic produce/goods and can feel good that you are supporting your local economy.

At CML local food will always be our first priority. However, throughout the year, in order to offer variety, we will also utilize Albert’s Organics to enrich our current list of locally grown food. This is especially helpful to those who are still looking for quality, nutrient dense, organic foods that are not available at certain times of the year in New England or at all. We do believe in choice and variety, therefore, when you search our online market you will very clearly see what is locally sourced and what is not. CML strives to be transparent so you can make the best choice for you and your family. We hope you enjoy the variety we are now able to offer.

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 We are the Farmer’s Market to your door!

Flowers from Old Friends!

“My family appreciates your dedication to making organic food affordable and attainable for everyone. Having the farm come to my doorstep is the icing on the cake in this busy mom’s life. I encourage everyone to talk to the hard working proprietors of Central Mass Locavore and arrange to have the best local produce delivered to their doors as well.”  

~Stephanie Hofer