Old Friends Farm, MA
Address: PO BOX 904 Amherst, MA,
About Us
PO BOX 904, Amherst, MA
Old Friends Farm grows food and flowers with integrity for consumers and ourselves. We offer fair pay to our workers and owners, and foster connection between the community and local agriculture. Old Friends Farm manages the farm to be part of a healthy ecosystem.

Old Friends Farm provides a fun and creative workplace. All people connected with the farm— workers, owners, and customers alike— are respected, cared for, and valued. Old Friends Farm manages its business with integrity, balance and harmony; it creates a high quality product in a positive work space; it provides an environment and schedule where workers can thrive at work and in their off-farm life; and the farm is adaptable and proactive about change. The farm keeps excellent records, has good internal communication and grounded decision making. Old Friends Farm pays attention to the water and mineral cycles, energy flow and community dynamics within the ecological and social ecosystem.

Old Friends Farm is a vibrant part of a healthy community and contributes to the local economy. The land is managed effectively, and is in better condition with each subsequent year. The community is a safe place to live, is diverse and accepting, and the link between sustainable agriculture and a healthy community is valued and actualized.