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Auntie Dalie’s - Artisan Dried Pasta, MA
Contact: Jon and Maureen
Address: 7 Dec Court Hopedale, MA 01747 Hopedale, MA, 01747
Phone: 774-573-4720
About Us
Auntie Dalie's a small batch local Artisan Dried Pasta Maker located In Hopedale, MA.
We use traditional Italian pasta making methods including
Imported Italian Flours (used independently of each other),
Italian Extruders, and hand made Brass/Bronze dies.
What Makes Our Pasta Different?
Researching time tested drying methods, we chose a particular pasta drying technique developed in Italy in the early 1900's. `90Controlling both the temperature and humidity creates an ideal environment indoors that imitates natural air drying conditions. Drying our pasta for a longer, deeper and slower process, results in the palate tasting a distinct full flavor, the eyes seeing a vibrant color, and a rough texture that will catch and hold the sauces making it oh so pleasing to enjoy. The Pasta we create range from a "Melt In Your Mouth" to an Old-Fasioned hearty chew. “Indulge Your Inner Paisan!”