Red Fire Farm, MA
City: Montague, MA,
About Us
We’d like to share our thoughts here about how and why we farm the way we do. If you eat our food, you have a hand in what we create. You support it and keep it going. These are some of our guiding thoughts that motivate the farm and farmers, and help create our food.
The mission of Red Fire Farm is to be a year-round local source for high quality food and ornamental crops grown at our farm using organic principles that result in safe food and a healthy environment.
Organic Practices
At Red Fire Farm we believe that there is a better way to farm than the chemical status quo that has dominated the American landscape and food system during the last half century. We believe that by working with the natural rhythms of the soil, plants, people and microorganisms we can grow excellent tasting food without the environmental and health risks that can accompany chemical intensive farming practices. We practice Certified Organic Farming and maintain certification with the Baystate Organic Certifiers which is an accredited certifier of the USDA Organic Certification program. We believe that organic certification helps assure that we make good decisions about our farming practices. We always seek to meet and exceed not only the letter of the organic farming rules, but also the intent. As organic farmers we never use chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides or genetically modified plants. Instead we rely on things like compost, crop rotation and cover crops to keep our land and crops healthy and productive.
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