Thyme Herbal, MA
City: Conway, MA,
About Us
I started Thyme Herbal in 2008 - over the years it has grown and evolved to reflect my interests and passions and those of my community. As an herbalist, author and educator, my goal is to inspire and empower folks to take health and healing into their own hands and use herbal medicine, nutrition, and home remedies for preventative wellness and daily self-care. Chelsea Granger is the illustrator behind these creations, she and I began collaborating in 2012. We are dear friends and share a vision of making herbal medicine and folk art accessible. We absolutely love making these posters and books and we hope that they bring as much joy to the lives of others as they do to ours!
Everything is sacred.

The plants and trees, sky and moon, sun and rain, animals and birds, turbulence and stillness, peace and chaos, birth and death, you and me.

To me, nothing could be more powerful. It imbues the world with magic and, in these times, it offers a model of hope and possibility. In these times… when the Western, scientific paradigm has colonized the world – many of us, dare I say most of us, are living under the illusion that we are separate from the earth, each other and all things, “living” and “nonliving.”

We are being called to heal this; to remake this worldview and transform this illusion of separation. Herbal medicine, healing, cooking, and self-care rituals of all kinds have been a way for me to connect with my body, my spirituality, the earthly, the celestial, the inherent magic of the sacred, and the interconnection of all things.

Reconnection to the sacred is our path back to ourselves, to our own healing, to each other, to ecological sustainability, and to social justice and liberation.

Join me. It’s time to reconnect.