Jack's Crackers, NH
City: Keene, NH,
About Us
Jack’s Crackers creates amazing crackers. Our products are based on the idea that a cracker is a lot like life. It may be simple, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Our crackers are hand made in small batches with natural, GMO free ingredients sourced as close to our Keene, NH home as possible and are preservative free. Many are also vegan-friendly; with no animal products at all. The spectrum of flavors goes from mild to bold and are great by themselves or paired with your favorite toppings.

Eating healthy does not mean that you need to give up flavor. We use simple, locally sourced ingredients, high quality olive oil and natural flavorings. No unhealthy fats or artificial anything! Simple does not have to mean boring. And healthy can taste really, really good.

You may ask, who's Jack? He's the guy on the right in our picture. He and his sisters (collectively known as "The Board") adopted the baker and spouse when they visited the local animal shelter many years ago. We named the brand after him as we figured if he (and his sisters) ran the house, they might as well run the business as well.